About The Utility Kilt

The Utility Kilt Ltd Company is a family-run business and proud to be a leading retailer of kilts for men and women worldwide. At the heart of our company ethos is to provide unmistaken quality, premium customer experience, and most significant value for money. We aim to keep our customers at ease as we take great pride in the quality of service we provide to all our customers, as well as each and every one of the products we sell - all available at the best possible price.



Using only the best materials, every kilt is hand-made and tailored specifically for you by craftsmen and women ensuring it lasts a lifetime. We could provide Utility Kilts, Tartan Kilts, Traditional Scottish Kilts, Camo Kilt, Hybrid Kilt, Jackets, and accessories that symbolize the tradition for people.



  • 100% Custom Manufacturing
  • Kilts are purely Handmade in traditional style
  • Jackets are made by professional and Skilled workers who are crafting high-quality output
  • Lots of Skilled workers and managerial staff working day and night to run this business for customers
  • Very FAST Manufacturing, Shipping and Handling time
  • Collaboration with DHL and other Trusted and Secure Shipping Companies so parcels can be tracked efficiently
  • Friendly Customer support – who treat you as a family!


Our transactional website theutilitykilt.com now Shipped worldwide. More info 

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