Black Rainbow Pride Hybrid Utility Kilt

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Black Rainbow Pride Hybrid Utility Kilt

This Black Rainbow Pride Hybrid Utility Kilt is a colorful addition to this historic garment. This pride kilt comes with a plain front apron while the backside has rainbow colour pleats. The front waistline has button snaps to make sure you have a secure and comfortable fit. This hybrid kilt features rainbow colour cargo pockets on either side flapped with buttons. It has multi-color belt loops decorated with D-rings to add more style. In buttons, we have four colours antique brass, black matt, gold pleated, and silver chrome.

This hybrid kilt is suitable whether you wear it at special events or while having fun with your friends. Our main motive is to provide you with quality garments at a fair-minded price. So order your black rainbow kilt today!


Design and Specifications

  • Material: 100% Cotton.
  • Fabric: Drill Jeans.
  • Style: Hybrid.
  • Colours: Rainbow.
  • Front Apron: Fully plain.
  • Backside: Multi-colour pleated design.
  • Pockets: flapped with buttons.
  • Fastenings: Button snaps.
  • Decoration: buttons, D-rings.
  • Availability: All sizes.


Size and Measurement

If you have an even waist like 30,32 or 36 we recommend you order the exact size. otherwise, it is more suitable to go for one size large to have a comfortable fit. If you like to wear a tighter fit then order one size smaller. For tapered slim-fit kilts, order one size large or your exact size as the fit is tighter than the usual ones. To measure your size, we have a kilt measuring guide for you. You can read the procedure to measure your size and order a perfect kilt.



If you want to order a customized size kilt or a unique color that is not on our list. You can head over to our special order list section. From there you can choose any size and color of your personal choice.


It's not possible to provide pockets on the kilts, lower than 26 inches waist due to minimum space. So please consider the limitations before ordering the kilt with a small waist

Color shade may vary between the pattern. We try our best to deliver the same pattern in the same shade as in the picture on the website, but we request you ignore some shade fluctuation

If you face any difficulty in choosing any of the above options. Get help from our Sales Team at the Chat Box


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Black Rainbow Pride Hybrid Utility Kilt