Complete Gents Black Spirit Prestige Outfit

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Complete Gents Black Spirit Prestige Outfit

The Black Spirit costume is a convenient approach to our more traditional, tartan-based upland clothing options. It is made of high-quality components, as are all of our hiring outfits. The coat is worn with a black waistcoat that has waistcoat buttons made of the same ornamental silver squares as are used on the coat's sleeves. The upper portion of the suit is completed by a ruffled white shirt and a conventional black tie. The kilt is also mostly black, with a little silver accent in the lowest corner. The spatula across the front of the kilt is plain, while the apron on the rear is pleated.

The package includes:

  • Argyll Kilt Jacket
  • Kilt
  • Sporran
  • Shirt 
  • Shoes
  • Belt
  • Flashes
  • Kilt Hose
  • Kilt Pin
  • Kilt Buckle

Our provided illustration is intended to give you a picture of what the costume may look like; we have a wide range of stock.


It is advised that customers with an even size, like 30, 32, or 36, get that exact size. However, for individuals who are in between sizes, it is best to purchase one size above for a more comfortable fit. If you like a more snug fit, you may always go down a size. A few kilts have a contoured selvedge fit; for them, it is best to get the exact size or a size larger, as the fit is somewhat tighter than regular. For details see our Kit measuring Guide.

If you are seeking a waist measurement that is not on the chart or a certain color, please visit our custom order site. From there, you may select whatever size and color adjustment you like.

Do you want to personalize your kilt? Contact us to learn more about our customization choices. We can help you customize your outfit with everything from embroidered straps to colorful kilt linings.

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Complete Gents Black Spirit Prestige Outfit