Irish Celtic Lyre Harp 9 Strings

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Irish Celtic Lyre Harp 9 Strings

Irish Celtic Lyre Harp 9 Strings is a famous traditional musical instrument that comes in amazing construction. It is larger in size, and you can play it with its neck leaned to your shoulder, and you pluck the strings with the help of your fingers. Each string sounds a different note, which attracts the listeners and players. Irish Celtic Lyre Harp comes with various components, and each has unique functionality. On the top, it has a harmonic curve with tuning and bridge pins. Bridge pins are below the tuning pins, which hold the strings at the angle and height. Tuning keys are arranged symmetrically and used for tuning with the help of a tuning wrench to change the pitch. It has a column that provides structural support for the harp, supporting the neck, soundboard, and strings as well. Its soundbox consists of a soundboard and back, and a Celtic design makes it a traditional instrument. It comes with nine metal strings and extends from the soundboard to the tuning pins. 9 String Irish Celtic Lyre Harp is made of original rosewood, which makes it durable. It is handmade, and our craftsmen prepare it in a traditional style. It is ideal for various occasions like Traditional festivals, Musical events, and Weddings. Order now to get at a reasonable price.


  • Craft: Hand Made
  • Meterial: Rosewood Natural Grain
  • Number of strings: 9
  • Tuning Key: Silver brass chrome finish key fitted with solid rosewood
  • Tuning Pin: Solid Brass chrome finish

Package Includes:

  • Lyre Harp
  • Tuning Key
  • String set
  • Bag
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Irish Celtic Lyre Harp 9 Strings