Rosewood Lyre Harp with 10 Metal Strings

Rosewood Lyre Harp with 10 Metal Strings symbolizes ancient traditions and is a perfect choice for musicians who love Celtic music. It is famous because of its classical sound and helps you to bring traditional music into your life. You can play a variety of tones with the help of it. Rosewood Lyre Harp comes in an amazing construction of rosewood due to its durability. It has ten stainless steel keys that are used to adjust the metal strings by rotating the keys clockwise with the help of a wrench. It has a beautiful Celtic design on its body, which makes it more attractive and valuable for traditional music lovers. A wood saddle is made on the Celtic design for better vibration transmission and clear sound. The circular holes are made at the bottom to keep the metal strings in their right place and get a beautiful and harmonious sound. You can get an amazing sound when your fingertips touch the strings one by one. If you listen carefully, you will feel the change and movement in each sound. Rosewood Lyre Harp with 10 Metal Strings is available at a reasonable price. We offer it along with the protective case and a wrench to tighten the strings for a better tune. It is the best gift for Music lovers, Beginners, and Professionals. Order now to start your music journey with this lyre harp.


  • Craft: Hand Made
  • Meterial: Rosewood Natural Grain
  • Number of strings: 10
  • Tuning Key: Silver brass chrome finish key fitted with solid rosewood
  • Tuning Pin: Solid Brass chrome finish

Package Includes:

  •  Lure Harp
  • Tuning Key
  • String set
  • Bag
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Rosewood Lyre Harp with 10 Metal Strings