Best Custom Brown Deluxe Utility Kilt for Sale

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Best Custom Brown Deluxe Utility Kilt for Sale

A fantastic kilt for the modern kilt fans. The plain brown makes this piece subtle while modern styling makes it useful and daily wear friendly. The front apron is completely simple with small leather straps near the waist to fasten the kilt. The pockets are cargo styled with buttoned flaps. The belt straps are also decorated with D-rings. Made from high quality materials.



  • Long plain front apron
  • Small studded leather strap pattern
  • Flat pleat design all around
  • Pockets on either side
  • Available in different sizes



For those people who have an even size such as 30, 32 or 36, then it is recommended to order that exact size. However for those who fall in between it is more suitable to go for one size bigger, which will give a comfortable fit. If you prefer a tighter fit you could always go for one size smaller. A few kilts have a tapered slim fit, for those it is recommended to go for the exact size or a bigger size as the fit is slightly tighter than regular. (Kilt Measuring Guide)



If you are looking for a waist size which is not on the list or you want a particular kind of color, then head on over to our special order list. You can choose any kind of size and color modification you would like from there.



  • It's not possible to provide pockets on the kilts, lower then 26 inches waist due to minimum space. So please consider the limitations before ordering the kilt with small waist.
  • Color shade may vary between the pattern. We try our best to deliver the same pattern in same shade as in the picture on the website, but we request you to ignore some shade fluctation.
  • If you face any difficulty in chosing any of the above option. Get help from our Sales Team at the Chat Box
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Best Custom Brown Deluxe Utility Kilt for Sale