Handmade Rosewood Bombard Chanter

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Handmade Rosewood Bombard Chanter 

Handmade Rosewood Bombard Chanter is a unique and outstanding musical instrument specially designed for people who love Celtic music. It is mostly used to produce loud and continuous music on various occasions.
Rosewood Bombard Chanter is a double reed instrument and features a conical bore. It is equipped with six finger holes, one or two keys on the front, a cane reed, and a wide bell at the end. When playing the bombard, the musicians hold their wooden bodies and blow air from the top with the help of a reed and get the required sound by placing their fingers on the holes. It belongs to the same family as the Shawm and Oboe. It is 12 inches long, and the musician uses various fingerings and key combinations to play different notes.
Handmade Rosewood Bombard Chanter is made of quality rosewood, while the double reed is made of cane. We offer it at an affordable price to make it accessible for every budget. It is ideal for Traditional events, Ceremonies, and various Military events. Order now to entertain yourself and the other crowd at any event with the help of it.


  • Meterial: Rosewood

Package Includes:

  • Bombard Chanter
  • Cane Reeds: 2 Set
  • Hand Carry Case
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Handmade Rosewood Bombard Chanter