Irish wooden Flute Professional Tunable D 

Irish Wooden Professional Tuneable D-Flute is a high-quality, fully functional flute. It has a rich history and captures the essence of Irish and Scottish culture. It is rooted in the traditional music of the Celtic culture and holds a special place in the hearts of Scottish and Irish people.
Irish Wooden Tuneable D-Flute comes with three parts with six-finger holes. It is designed for professionals who have great experience and know how to generate a sound that attracts listeners. Its Head Joint features a single hole known as an embouchure hole, and a tuning slide is also made there for a perfect adjustment of the sounds. Its Middle and Foot Joints contain finger holes for generating an exceptional sound. Irish Wooden Professional Tuneable D-Flute is constructed with quality rosewood, which helps in delivering a better sound for the musicians. We also offer a wooden case which keeps it safe for various years. It would be a good choice for Traditional occasions and Festivals where you can express your love by performing on the stage. Order now to purchase it at a reasonable price.


  • Craft: Hand Made
  • Meterial: Rosewood

Package Includes:

  •  Flute 3 parts
  • Wooden Carry Case
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Irish wooden Flute Professional tunable D