Irish Celtic Lyre Harp 12 Strings

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Irish Celtic Lyre Harp 12 Strings

Irish 12 String Celtic Lyre Harp is used for the traditional Celtic music in both Irish and Scottish culture. It is crafted with intricate detailing that showcases an exquisite design that sets it apart from other instruments. It exudes elegance and charm, and its fantastic sound makes it a favorite choice for professional musicians and beginners. 12 String Celtic Lyre has twelve metal strings, while its top area features tuning and bridge pins. These stainless steel pins are used to adjust the metal strings with the help of a tuning wrench, while the bridge pins only make the angle to provide better tones. Its soundbox has a soundboard and the back, and the soundboard is considered to be an important part of the lyre harp. The soundboard has a row of small holes that allow the metal strings to pass through to the tuning pins. You can produce unique sounds by plucking the strings with the help of fingers. Irish 12 String Celtic Lyre Harp is made of original rosewood, which ensures its durability and longevity. We also offer a carrying bag and the tuning key along with it for your ease. It is an ideal choice to play at various events, whether it is a traditional festival or a wedding event. Order now to purchase it at a reasonable price.


  • Craft: Hand Made
  • Meterial: Rosewood Natural Grain
  • Number of strings: 12
  • Tuning Key: Silver brass chrome finish key fitted with solid rosewood
  • Tuning Pin: Solid Brass chrome finish

Package Includes:

  • Lyre Harp
  • Tuning Key
  • String set
  • Bag
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Irish Celtic Lyre Harp 12 Strings