HOW TO WEAR A Modern Utility Kilt For Sale

Kilts are the traditional dress of Scotland which has been around for hundreds of years. It is a unisex piece of clothing worn by both genders and there are several types of kilts that can be worn both for casual and formal events. Over the course of time kilts have gained a global following and are now popular articles of clothing worn by fans from all over the world. As the market for kilts has grown the varieties of kilts have also increased. Just a few years ago kilts were available in their traditional style which was a centuries-old fashion, however today you can get modern versions of the kilts which use different fabrics and have modern features. If you are interested in learning how to properly wear a formal kilt then these are some things you should keep in mind.

1. Kilt Type

For formal events, the most suitable kind of kilt will be a traditional kilt. Traditional kilts are originally made with tartan which is a thick warm fabric though modern versions of the traditional kilt can be found in many different kinds of material such as denim, khaki cotton composites. Formal kilts are kilts without side pockets, so regardless of which variety you decide to use make sure it has no pockets.

2. Shirt And Tie

To have a really traditional attire you need to get a ghillie brogue shirt which is the traditional kind of shirt worn with the kilts. This shirt is generally worn on its own though if you would like to add other formal accessories such as a long tie or a bow tie then it is best to get a formal collared shirt. Both formal shirts will work well with the kilt.

3. Jacket And Vest

A formal jacket and vest can be used for the kilt outfit or you can choose a Scottish jacket and vest. The Scottish jacket and vest are slightly different in their style of buttons and they use some silverware. However, any formal jacket and matching vest which work with the overall colour scheme can be used. Jackets and vests which are tailored to be used with a kilt are slightly different from regular suit jackets.

4. Fly Plaid And Brooch

These are a great addition to the formal kilt outfit and are worn on the left shoulder. The brooch connects the plaid to the jacket and the plaid follows the same design and colour scheme as the kilt, so ensure you get one that matches your kilt.

5. Sporran

This is an iconic part of the traditional Scottish outfit and is worn in front of the kilt and tied around the waist using a silver chain. This is basically what is used as a pocket when wearing a kilt though it is a must-have for a formal outfit. Most people don’t use it as a pocket and it is worn mostly for style. There are many varieties of sporran and you can find one which matches your outfit.

6. Hose And Brogues

To complete the classic kilt outfit you need to get a pair of white hose and some formal brogue shoes. The white hose worn with kilts are knee-length and are usually folded over double at the knees. Brogues are a unique kind of Scottish leather shoe that have extra-long laces that wrap around the shin and ankle. Their lacing and the design of the shoe itself is quite unique. Generally, black brogues are the best option for a formal kilt outfit.

7. Belt Buckle

Lastly, to finish the outfit off you need to have a nice belt with a matching buckle. Kilts are worn with a large square and rectangular-shaped buckled which are worn on wide leather belts. These buckles can be made out of silver, brass, copper and other metals. They are designed with classic patterns and have a very unique look which very different from modern buckles.