Hulme Tartan Kilt Flashes

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Hulme Tartan Kilt Flashes add a finishing touch to your outfits to give you a complete Highlander look. It has an attractive checkered pattern that you can wear with any of your kilt. It is also considered a remarkable piece of Scottish clothing that gives you a fashionable look along with its cultural significance.
Hulme Tartan Flashes features two identical pieces of tartan that are designed in the same style. These pieces are combined with the help of the velcro strap to give it a classical look. This velcro strap is adjustable and traditionally worn over the kilt hose on the calf. The top part of the kilt hose is folded to hide the velcro strap. It also helps in keeping your kilt hose in the right place. It is ideal to wear flashes that are identical to your kilt’s tartan, but the choice is yours. Hulme Tartan Kilt Flashes is crafted with exceptional quality Acrylic wool, making it durable and also enhancing its longevity. We offer it in a standard size at a minimal price. It is suitable to wear at Irish and Scottish Wedding events, Traditional festivals, and Formal gatherings. Order now to have a complete traditional look at various events.

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Hulme Tartan Kilt Flashes