Irish Green Tartan Bagpipes - Highland Bagpipe Instruments

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Irish Green Tartan Bagpipes - Highland Bagpipe Instruments

Irish Green Tartan Bagpipes is a remarkable woodwind instrument and cultural tradition. In this bagpipe, a bag, drones, a chanter, and a blowstick, bagpipes are a harmonious assembly of woodwind components that create unique musical melodies. It is handmade, and the material used in this bagpipe is Rosewood, Plastic, and silver with a black finish. This bagpipe has three drones that point upward over the shoulder to produce minimum-frequency sound. Drone reads are placed inside the baser drone to make a great melody. Irish Green Tartan Bagpipes come with a chanter pipe with small holes. Musicians play sound with the help of moving fingers from one hole to another. Reed is placed inside the chanter that vibrates and gives the sound. It has a bag attached to a chanter, a blowing pipe, and drones. The material used to make this bag is gore-tex or leather to prevent the air from escaping. Blowing pipe is the major instrument in bagpipe. Plastic valves are used inside the blowing pipe to prevent air from escaping. Bugle cords are fastened with the three drones for a traditional look and to prevent laying down. Whether you can play the bagpipes at wedding events, traditional functions, or military events, this instrument is the best option to play and facilitate people from your melody. Get at an excellent price in your desired tartan pattern. So order it now.

Design and Specifications

  • Craft: Handmade
  • Materials: Rosewood
  • Tartan: Irish Green

Package Include:

  • Bagpipe
  • Carrying Bag
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Irish Green Tartan Bagpipes - Highland Bagpipe Instruments