Mackenzie Tartan Bagpipes - Great Highland Bagpipes

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Mackenzie Tartan Bagpipes

Mackenzie Tartan Bagpipes is a cultural musical instrument that the Scottish people play for different traditional events, wedding functions, or other occasions. These bagpipes have the functionality features of three drones, which point upward over the shoulder to produce minimum-frequency sound. It has one chanter pipe with many small holes. Reed is placed inside the chanter to make musical sounds while moving the finger from one hold to another to pump the air inside the bagpipe. Mackenzie Tartan Bagpipes have a blowing pipe, an essential instrument in bagpipes. Traditional bagpipes blow by the mouth, filling the air inside the bag that moves to the drone of the instrument. A valve is placed inside the blowing pipe to prevent air from escaping. Large bags are attached with pipes and chanters. This bag is used to provide air to these instruments. Ferrules are on the top of the blowing pipe to protect the pipe from being broken. Mackenzie Tartan Bagpipes is manufactured with pure rosewood with a black finish. These bagpipes are available at an excellent price. So place your order now.

Design and Specifications

  • Craft: Handmade
  • Materials: Rosewood
  • Tartan: Mackenzie

Package Include:

  • Bagpipe
  • Carrying Bag
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Mackenzie Tartan Bagpipes - Great Highland Bagpipes