Pride of Scotland Bagpipes - Great Scottish Bagpipes

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Pride of Scotland Bagpipes - Great Scottish Bagpipes

Pride of Scotland Bagpipes is a traditional musical instrument that Scottish and Irish people can play. These cultural instruments are used at military functions, weddings, or occasions. Traditional bagpipes have different roles to play attractive and unique sounds. It has the pride of a Scotland tartan bag that stores air and moves it to the drone and chanter to produce an excellent sound. Three types of drones are used in this bagpipe: one is a baser, and two are tenors. Drone reads are used inside the baser drone, which produces lower-frequency sounds.
Pride of Scotland Bagpipes comes with a chanter pipe with small holes features. It has a chanter read inside the chanter pipe, which vibrates and produces sound. The chanter pipe covers the finger holes to change the pitch of the chanter and make the melodic sound. This chanter pipe is played with two hands. It has a blowing pipe with a plastic valve inside to prevent the air from escaping. The piper blows the air into the bag through this blowing pipe. Bugle cords are fastened with the drone to avoid and lay down while playing the melody.
Our professional maker makes bagpipes with rosewood and silver material that is durable and practical for a long time. So, order now and get this versatile instrument to show your personality.

Design and Specifications

  • Craft:Handmade
  • Materials:Rosewood
  • Tartan:Pride of Scotland

Package Include:

  • Bagpipe
  • Carrying Bag
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Pride of Scotland Bagpipes - Great Scottish Bagpipes