Royal Stewart Bagpipe - Scottish Highland Rosewood Bagpipe

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Royal Stewart Tartan Bagpipe - Scottish Highland Rosewood Bagpipe

Royal Stewart Tartan Bagpipe is a unique and traditional instrument played by Scottish musicians. This bagpipe is uniquely handmade, and the material used in the bagpipes is rosewood, silver, tartan, and gore-tex with a black finish. The Highlander musicians use this instrument on Scottish Highlander wedding functions, cultural events, or other occasions to play a great melody sound. Royal Stewart Tartan Bagpipe have different functions to play attractive and unique sounds. It has the pride of a Royal Stewart bag, which is used to store air, and it is moved to the drone and chanter to produce a nice sound. Three types of drones are used in this bagpipe: one is a baser, and two are tenors. Drone reads are used inside the baser drone, which produces traditional sounds for different ceremonies. It has Bugle cords, which are closed with the drone to lay down while playing the melody on national and traditional functions. The chanter is the melodic pipe of the bagpipes. The player uses the finger holes to change the echo and produce different notes and melodies. We delivered a perfect quality product at an excellent price to our customers. So order it now.

Design and Specifications

  • Craft: Handmade
  • Materials: Rosewood
  • Tartan: Royal Stewart 

Package Include:

  • Bagpipe
  • Carrying Bag
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Royal Stewart Bagpipe - Scottish Highland Rosewood Bagpipe