Macleod Of Lewis Prince Charlie Kilt Outfit

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Macleod Of Lewis Prince Charlie Kilt Outfit

Macleod Of Lewis Prince Charlie Kilt Outfit is a Scottish attire representing ancient culture. It is also considered a stylish take on the Scottish garment that is perfect for various occasions. It is a timeless garment specially made in an innovative design for those people who need a more attractive look. Macleod Of Lewis Outfit comes with a plain front apron with traditional tartan pleats, which gives freedom of movement. The Tartan kilt is crafted with pure acrylic wool material. The loop is used for wearing a belt fit and hanging a sporran, which gives a stylish look, and for carrying household belongings. Fly plaid is formally hung on the left shoulder, making it a more traditional and cultural look. Flashes are used on the socks to make a good contrast with socks and match with kilts. When you select your tartan pattern for a kilt outfit, you can also select the same pattern on flashes and fly plaids. Prince Charlie's jacket is decorated with chrome studs on the cuffs and front, enhancing its beauty. The vest is also made with high standards for a trendy look. The ghillie shirt with drawstring adds a contemporary twist to this outfit. Macleod Of Lewis Kilt Outfit has socks, and the Ghillie Brogue Shoes give this outfit a complete and classic look. We use quality materials to make this outfit, which is lightweight and useful for a lifetime. Our priority is to give our customers top-quality outfits at a fair price.

Package includes

  • Prince Charlie Kilt Jacket
  • Kilt
  • Sporran
  • Jacobite Ghillie Shirt
  • Shoes
  • Belt
  • Fly plaid
  • Flashes
  • Kilt Socks
  • Kilt Pin
  • Kilt Buckle
  • Kilt Brooch

Size and Measurement:

If you have even waist size numbers like 30, 32, or 38, then order your correct size. If your size does not lie in even numbers, you must order one size larger than the actual for a better and more comfortable fit. If you want a tighter fit, order one size smaller than yours. For a tapered slim-fit kilt, you should order one size larger or your actual size because you will get a perfect fit than the regular ones. If you are unaware of your size and need clarification about getting the exact measurement, visit ourKilt Measuring Guide. Please read all the guidelines carefully and follow them to get the precise size that will fit you properly.


If you want to order a kilt in a specific Tartan or size we did not mention it on our website. In that case, you can email us directly or contact us through the Chat Box or Call to get that particular kilt according to your specifications.


  • In some cases, the color shade may vary between the patterns. We try our best to deliver the product in the same color as in the picture on our website. If a few changes happen, we request some shade fluctuation
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Macleod Of Lewis Prince Charlie Kilt Outfit