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Royal Blue Deluxe Kilts

Royal Blue Deluxe Utility Kilts is considered a modern fashion symbol offering functional features. It is versatile and ideal for Wedding functions, Casual parties, and Family get-togethers. It is also a good choice for outdoor activities. It features a smooth front apron and a pleated rear with a traditional appearance. The pleated pattern also gives easiness in walking and performing other activities. It uses black leather straps on both sides of the kilt, offering a perfect and adjustable fit for the wearers. It has belt loops that enable the use of the belt, and the D-rings are attached to these belt loops. These D-rings allow you to connect the items while working or during street walks. Royal Blue Deluxe Kilt comes with cargo-style pockets on either side of the kilt. These pockets provide ample space for essential items like Cell phones, Keys, and Wallets. You can go with your essentials anywhere with easy access.
Royal Blue Deluxe Utility Kilt is made of exceptional quality Cotton. It is available in all sizes at an excellent price. We allow you to choose from a variety of fabric colors so that you can get this particular kilt in your desired color. Place your order now to cater to the demands of modern fashion needs.

Design and Specifications:

  • Material: 100 % Cotton.
  • Style: Utility.
  • Fabric: Drill jeans.
  • Type: Fashion/Casual.
  • Front Apron: Simple.
  • Backside: Pleated design.
  • Fabric color: Blue.
  • Availability: All sizes.

Size and Measurement:

If you have even waist size numbers like 30, 32, or 38, then order your correct size. If your size does not lie in even numbers, you must order one size larger than the actual for a better and more comfortable fit. If you want a tighter fit, order one size smaller than yours. For a tapered slim-fit kilt, you should order one size larger or your actual size because you will get a perfect fit than the regular ones. If you are unaware of your size and need clarification about getting the exact measurement, visit our Kilt Measuring Guide . Please read all the guidelines carefully and follow them to get the precise size that will fit you properly.


If you want to order a kilt in a specific Tartan, Fabric Color, or size that we did not mention in our list. In that case, you can email us directly or contact us through the Chat Box or Call to get that particular kilt according to your specifications.


  • It is only possible to add pockets in the kilt whose size is above 26 because of the size limitation. So, notice this point before placing your order.
  • In some cases, the color shade may vary between the patterns. We try our best to deliver the product in the same color as in the picture on our website. If a few changes happen, we request some shade fluctuation
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