Black Velvet Bagpipes - Highland Wedding Bagpipes

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Black Velvet Bagpipes - Highland Wedding Bagpipes

Black Velvet Bagpipes is a versatile musical instrument that can be played on various occasions. It also showcases classic functionality and a stylish look to cater to the needs of Scottish musicians who can play different sounds in their ceremonies. This bagpipe has various features such as a chanter, drones, and bags. The bag is sewn with synthetic material or black velvet. The purpose of this bag is to prevent the air from escaping and move the air into drones to make the sound. Scottish Black Velvet Bagpipes have three drones. One is baser, and two are toner. These drones produce a significant frequency of sound with the help of drone reading and tuning plans placed inside the drones. Black Bugle cords are attached to these drones for laying down and also make a traditional look. Black Velvet Bagpipes have a chanter pipe with finger holes to change the pitch and produce a melody sound. A mouth blowpipe is used to blow the air into a bag, and a plastic valve is placed inside the pipe to prevent the air coming from the instrument from escaping. You can play this musical instrument at different traditional events, wedding functions, or other occasions. This bagpipe is custom-made and of the finest quality. Top-quality material is used in this bagpipe. It is available at a fair-minded price at your doorstep. So order it now.

Design and Specifications

  • Craft: Handmade
  • Materials: Rosewood
  • Fabric: Black Velvet

Package Include:

  • Bagpipe
  • Carrying Bag
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Black Velvet Bagpipes - Highland Wedding Bagpipes